February 8, 2018

Simple Valentine's!

It's coming down to the wire - Valentine's day is in less than a week! It's really weird for me to not have my Valentine's done yet, but I have put them off. I was tired of buying things and loads of candy and writing each name and filling out tiny cards.

... I know that Kindergarten students (and teachers, *cough, cough*)LOVE any reason to party...

...but I'll be honest...the parties often take a hit on my bank account! As much as our school gives us money to put towards consumables, those random items pop up and we can spend a lot of money on our classroom and our students!

I have created a simple product as a great (low maintenance) Valentine's treat for you to give your students!

All you need are some sandwich baggies, oreos, a stapler, and this printable! I'm excited to pass these out to my students at our Valentine's party!

I already had all of these items except the oreos - so I spent $2 on over twenty valentine's for my students this year. I even had paper and a color printer!

This printable is a label that you can place over the edge of the baggie, it'll fold right over (after you put the oreos in) and you can staple it closed. It also has an option for personalized with students names OR simply calling each student Valentine. No matter what option you choose, you will be able to personalize your name - so it can always say it's from you!

I'm really excited of this - and really proud of it! I'm so happy to be able to offer it to my other teacher friends as well!!

Happy Valentin-ing and celebrating! It seems that's what we've been doing in Kindergarten these days :)

You can follow my steps below to Valentine Success!

1. Print out the pages :) I chose the editable personalized option for each student!
 2. Cut out the square on each page! Make sure to keep the two rectangles on each page connected. If you cut them apart, you can't use them on a sandwich baggie!
3. This is what your cut out tag should look like!

 4. Fold the tags on the line!
 5. Stuff a sandwich bag full of oreos! I chose to use six because it filled my bag perfectly. You can always choose more or less!
 6. Put the sealing end of the sandwich baggie into the fold of the Oreo tag. Staple two times at the top!
7. Finished product!

You can find my product at my TPT store!

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