February 25, 2018

All about that Balance

hi friends!

I'm taking off my teacher hat for a minute and putting on my wife and fur mama hat.

One of my goals for 2018 has been to get even MORE organized than ever before while MAINTAINING my sanity. I know... tall order, right? :) I have realized that time is of the essence in this beautiful life and I truly want my time to be spent efficiently.

There are a few things that are against me...
1) I'm extremely OCD obsessed with keeping my house clean.
2) I'm deeply passionate about my job - I get there early and I say yes to too many things
3)  Netflix is a trap that can consume me for days, leaving all house chores to complete themselves

But, I have decided that we as busy teachers, wives, and mamas dedicate ourselves SO MUCH to just that - being a teacher, a wife, or a mama (or all 3!!)! Simple things like keeping a clean home can become overwhelming.

...or if you're me...you just let it all pile up until Saturday and you spend 8 hours undoing Sunday through Friday messes and become frustrated with a whole day wasted.

(seriously...this week I had dishes from Monday in the sink ON FRIDAY, four loads of clean laundry scattered in "piles" around my bedroom floor, buffalo chicken dip crusted on my counter from LAST SUNDAY. (I know, that's disgusting) and just an all around dirty house!)

The next issue with ALL things balance is that healthy, fit lifestyle that so many of us crave but have no time for!

So! That being said! I've researched, I've talked to real life mamas, I've spoken with real life teachers, and I've shared coffee with real life wives who are done with the struggle bus of keeping a clean home, doing a great job at work, and having time to have a conversation with your husband and make connections with your kids. We have a really big (some might say tall ;)) order to fill and sometimes it leaves us emotionally drained with not enough time left over to laugh, or converse, or just simply watch TV.

*Disclaimer: This is not just for people who LIKE to keep their house clean. Maybe your messy and you need some help organizing your cleaning process to help you keep the house clean? Maybe your a husband looking for ways to help your wife out throughout the week? This is for you!!*

With my conversations and my own experiences, my newest product is a Cleaning Schedule for Teachers and Mamas and Wives who need to keep their sanity. :) This is going straight into my kitchen command center so I can keep my house clean, keep my day job, and keep my sanity.

Who knew that simply by "checking" or "inspecting" things around the home throughout the year could prevent major costs or fixes when things go wrong?? My monthly lists include a lot of check-ups to make sure things are in proper order - they should take no more than 15 minutes for you to do a quick check of the specified item to make sure things are working correctly! I did a lot of research and compiled common things to make one huge list! I hope you enjoy!


My freebie is posted here - it only contains the weekly cleaning schedule.

My full product is posted here - it contains the weekly cleaning schedule, a day by day cleaning schedule, a daily to-do list, and a monthly home care schedule (most components will be available in multiple sizes for whatever your needs may be!)

^^I'm going to try to follow this - and see how my balance and organization goals play out!

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