January 13, 2018


People, I have a pretty great mother-in-law. In fact, probably the best one! She gets my teacher heart and enjoys my teacher stories and she always gets me the best teacher gifts! (On top of amazing regular daughter-in-law gifts).

I'm truly honored to be the second Mrs. Green! ;)

I say ALL of this because she is the reason I have the coolest teacher item in my home office right now! For Christmas, apparently I asked for this laminator. I say "apparently" because I have no recollection of telling her I wanted it (Christmas time in Kindergarten does those things to the brain!) and when I opened it I was full of giggles and squeals and pure excitement and I just kept clutching it to my chest!

I AM BEYOND EXCITED!! I got this crazy awesome laminator and now I can do really cool stuff at home as needed. I wanted to break down the logistics of this laminator - sometimes these things can be intimidating and I wanted to be thorough in case any of my teacher friends are looking for something similar!

I've come up with a few things I thought you'd like to know!

1) the Scotch laminator is very light weight and has an easy carry handle. I transport it all over my house! Haha! There is no assembly required for any of it, you can literally plug it in from the moment you open the box!

2) It takes ONE MINUTE to heat up! ONE! Like.....the time, the speed. I can't! #bestillmyteacherheart

3) You will need to buy laminating pouches to put your papers in. They are really neat and remind me of a clear plastic sleeve. They have different thickness levels that correspond with your laminator! Whatever pouch you choose, you choose the matching setting on your laminator! Thankfully, that was included in my Christmas gift because as I said before, my mother-in-law is AMAZING.

4) No crazy buttons, no "run" or "stop".  Just simply push your paper sleeve pouch in and it does the rest for you! Because of the simplicity and the pouches, there is a huge lack of laminator jams!

5) I have a thicker (but not the thickest) laminating pouch and it did a top-notch job!! GREAT QUALITY!

6) You can adjust the speed, but they have a recommended one. The recommended one is kinda slow, slower than a school laminator. But the quality of the laminating is higher, so I think the slight decrease in speed is worth it.

7) You will DEFINITELY want to place your laminator on a counter top or hard surface. It doesn't say to do this in the directions (unless I totally missed it!) but I tried laminating on the carpet in our guest room. hahahaha! It was fine, no fires or anything, but when I moved the laminator, the carpet underneath was DEFINITELY warm. :)

I already love it so much and I've only had it for 3 weeks!! I can't wait to use it even more and to do more things with it!!...okay, so your to do list is.....
Grab your laminator!
And purchase your 5mm pouches  (thicker)

3 mm pouches! :)
(not as thick, but still VERY strong!)

....and happy laminating!!

I hope you enjoy laminating, your laminator, and a chance to do it from home!!

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  1. Love it! Love your mother-in-law for getting you something that makes work easier instead of a sweater (although I love a new sweater:)

    1. Oh, she's just wonderful!! .....hmm...I do love a new sweater too! It's a toss up. ;)