May 23, 2017

The Green Garten

Hi! Welcome to The Green Garten!

I've established this place, this space, this a way to outlet my creativity in the classroom and to share a little bit of my teaching world with fellow imaginative teachers, wives, mamas, babysitters and anyone else with a passion for kiddos.

I'm looking forward to laughing, growing, stumbling, showing, and learning right alongside each reader. My name is Alyssa Green and I'm the creator of The Green Garten. (Sidenote: I've always been a fan of puns...;)) I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my best friend and husband, Jared and our crazy zoo of animals, Daisy (the aussie dog), Zeus (the original kitty), and Iris (the "please just one more" kitten). I also have a classroom turtle, Donashello, who lives with us in the summer. I'm currently a Kindergarten teacher and I've been teaching for three years. I'm the typical "I've always known I wanted to be a teacher" sort of gal, knew it from the get-go, and that passion has never stopped! When I love things, I LOVE things and I absolutely LOVE teaching, Kindergarten, and kids!

Eventually, when life isn't so crazy (and there aren't ten days left of school!), I plan on blogging regularly, creating some resources for TeachersPayTeachers, and working on writing some children's books... #goals. But, if anything, what I've learned lately is that life doesn't always follow my schedule - and when I'm trying to slow down, it seems like it's trying to speed up even faster. For now, my goal is to be remain real, honest, funny (?!), and true. This teacher-wife life stuff isn't easy and some days I question my life decisions. But on more days, I'm forever glad that I felt called to be a teacher.

Whew - sorry about all that sap! I could gush about teaching forever. And maybe I will :) But for now....

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

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